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Traveling in Europe Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth

Ever wondered what lies across the Atlantic? Tired of the monotony at home in the USA? Thinking about a trip to Europe but worried about the cost? You don't have to be, anyone can travel to Europe on a shoestring!

Here are a few helpful tips that make a trip to Europe much more accessible and feasible, even if you are taking your family on vacation with you.

Fly To Hub Airports

When traveling to Europe you really need to fly direct to a hub airport first and then catch an ongoing flight to your destination. Flights within Europe are plentiful and extremely cheap, so there is no problem getting round the continent once you get there. Hub airports that have a large number of low cost flights connecting with airports in the USA include:

Connect Via Internal European Flights

So you are flying direct into London Heathrow and need to get an onward flight connecting to Tenerife South where you are going to spend a fortnight living it up in the Canarian sunshine. Make sure you book your internal flights with one of the many cheap flight operators in Europe. Don't worry, you won't be stuck for choice. Here are just a few of the main ones that you can book through:

Avoid Heavy Luggage

Airlines are simply not as generous as they used to be in terms of their weight allowance per passenger. The last thing you will want is to have trawled the net for the best cheap deals on flights only to be hit hard for excess baggage. So when you book your flights check what your individual allowance is and make sure you stick to it. Otherwise you'll end up with a hefty bill for those clothes, shoes and toiletries that you might not even use! One word of warning, watch out for the weight restrictions and baggage charges imposed by the low cost airlines!

Book European Vacation With European Operator

It sounds simple really, but this one tip can save you hundreds of hard-earned dollars. Instead of booking your vacation through a local travel agency based in the USA, book your European trip with a travel agency based in Europe. Why? European have access to all the best deals with a much wider choice of discount vacations available.


Get Travel Insurance

You may save money by booking your flights and accommodation separately, but you are not covered in the event of cancellation of over-booking. Therefore, if things were to go wrong you could find yourself significantly out of pocket! Travel isn't expensive and it isn't just something you should treat as an afterthought. Get yourself covered for any eventuality including cancellations, loss of property etc.

Avoid Frequent Cash Withdrawals

When in Europe it is highly advisable that you avoid frequently withdrawing cash as you will be charged a fee for every transaction. Even if your trip to Europe lasts only a few weeks, these bank charges soon add up on your statement. Use low-fee debit cards and credit cards with no foreign transaction fee.

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