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Do you want to be an expatriat? Or are you an expatriot? Would you like to live abroad? Web links for doing more than passing through. Info on Teaching, Learning, Volunteering, and Living overseas.


Teaching ESL or Working Overseas
For info on teaching English overseas, two sources will lead you to almost anywhere you need to look. These are Dave's ESL Cafe and Transitions Abroad. Bookmark these sites and explore. Go Nomad also has a good jobs listing board and FindaGap lists some teaching positions. For other opportunities for working abroad, check the listings at ForeignCareers, where a small subscription fee gets you access to over 1,000 international job postings. lists hundreds of seasonal jobs and the Working Travel website is a powerful searchable database of travel related opportunities.

Kareeve is packed with all kinds of great seasonal jobs, from winter resorts to summer camps.

For free ESL teaching position listings, check out Footprints Recruiting.
This can encompass everything from a semester abroad to a one-month Spanish immersion class, so these links are just a start. Transitions Abroad (link above) is a good source and you'll also find good searchable databases at,  Go Nomad, and
Volunteering Abroad
Again, start with Transitions Abroad and Go Nomad (linked above) and try Escape Artist's volunteer links. Travel Tree is a recent UK addition that lists jobs, internships, and volunteer programs. FindaGap and iGapYear list plenty of volunteer options, but watch out for the ones with high fees. nGoAbroad bills itself as a clearinghouse and referral service that custom-fits peoples' skills, interests and goals with international humanitarian needs.

My highest recommendation goes to Volunteers for Peace since the sign-up fees are reasonable and nobody is making a profit off your good intentions. The Global Volunteer Network also has reasonable fees and seems to be sufficiently choosy about who they partner with.

International Living
Want to find out about the cheapest places to live--or at least which ones are a good value? International Living has been around for 20 years and though mostly geared to retirees, it has some great articles about what life is like living overseas, with plenty of real prices. Escape Artist is more irreverent and the articles are free. Both will give info on the cheapest places to live and will offer advice and ads that will make you want to pack up and move. If you're interested in a specific country, both sell detailed reports that give you the low-down from an expat's perspective--well worth the price as they'll save you lots of hassles down the road. For a truly dizzying array of information, see's Expatriot Act section.
There are carefully selected articles from these publications in the Living Abroad articles.

For expats planning to work (not retire) overseas for the short or long term should check out Family Life Abroad.  Besides having some great articles and interviews on living everywhere from Poland to Ireland to China, it also has links to great country-specific sites you can go to for more information. An American Abroad and British Expat give the lowdown for those who want to hold onto home. Expat Exchange is a more highbrow option,  with essays on the meaning of it all.

Asia Expat Forum is a site for linking up with other expatriates in Asia and getting the lowdown on jobs, living, and vices. Allo' Expat bills itself as a one-stop information and service center for expatriates living in or moving to the Asia - Pacific region

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