The World’s Cheapest Destinations

The World’s Cheapest Destinations Book – Now in its 5th Edition.

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Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and if you visit the cheapest places to travel, it can cost you far less than what you’re spending just hanging out at home paying bills. You can see the world on $25-$50 a day after airfare by picking the right destinations.

The World's Cheapest Destinations Book 5th Edition

In these places you’ll find that $2 meals, $1 museum admissions, and $10 private rooms are the budget travel norm, not the exception. Whether you’re on a bare-bones budget or are a mid-range traveler just trying to get a lot more for what you want to spend, this book gives you the lowdown on how to travel well for less.

Which are the cheapest places to travel in the world? Where can you explore the planet as a traveler and have the time of your life while spending less than you do on your monthly rent? The World’s Cheapest Destinations has been the #1 info source for round-the-world backpackers and frugal international vacationers since 2002, through four previous editions. Whether you are vagabonding on less than $50 a day or just want a cheap vacation spot for two weeks abroad, this book will guide you to the best cheap countries that are worth visiting. Get insight into what makes each destination special and then get specific travel prices for food, lodging, transportation, attractions, and “what you can get for a buck or less.”

Praise for the 5th Edition:

When Tim Leffel writes about the world’s cheapest destinations,  people listen (especially me). Tim has traveled the world and researched it thoroughly so he knows what he’s talking about.

– John DiScala, founder and editor of

I bought the first edition of this book in 2004 before my first round-the-world trip and I continue to be impressed by the detail. This book has been an inspiration and valuable resource for many thousands of travelers, and no one does a better job at giving budget information and travel advice that is actually useful and relevant.

– Roger Wade, editor of

So much to see, so little money. Why not maximize your travel by getting the most per dollar? This terrific book will guide you to the best inexpensive countries, places where your budget will earn you ten times the joy. Tim Leffel’s lifelong experience in trekking the world for cheap is distilled into very succinct advice, great tips, expert comparisons between countries, and a sensible breakdown of how to get the most world travel from your limited money. This book is one of the best investments in life you can make.

– Kevin Kelly, author of The Inevitable, Cool Tools, and Asia   Grace

Tim Leffel continues to dive deep into the best budget destinations of the world with this latest edition. Expanded with more information, this book is a must for anyone looking to know where to go to get the most out of their money when they travel.

– Matt Kepnes, author of Ten Years a Nomad and How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

Not just for cheapskates! In this thoroughly practical and inspiring book, Leffel points out an often overlooked truth: money can easily insulate you from the real joys of travel. Spend less money, and you’ll meet more local people and have a better trip.  Warning: Get your passport in order before reading. Leffel’s advice is so practical and thorough that you might pick up and move before you reach the last page.

– Zora O’Neill, author of All Strangers Are Kin: Adventures in Arabic and the Arab World

Tim has done it again! I always tell my readers that the number one thing you can do to save money on your travels is to pick an affordable destination. Your options for saving money are severely limited if you choose to travel to an expensive one. Tim has outlined the most affordable places in the world where you can make your travel dollar go the furthest. Having been to almost every place outlined in the book, I can attest that these are indeed the world’s cheapest destinations.

– Gary Arndt, photographer, podcaster, and editor of

The World’s Cheapest Destinations contains life-changing advice that goes far beyond your typical guidebook. Leffel’s unique perspective makes this required reading for all independent travelers looking to make the most out of their first, or next, adventure. Get ready to upgrade your bucket list without breaking the bank.

– Jason Moore, host of Zero To Travel podcast and blog

Tim Leffel’s book has been a must read for world travelers like me for almost two decades. In this 5th edition, you will learn about the current best tourist destinations to get the most for your money, many places that are cheaper to visit than staying home. The World’s Cheapest Destinations shows how travel can be cheaper than staying home. So, get out there!

– Jeffrey Lehmann, EMMY awarded host of the Weekend Explorer active travel series on PBS

I’ve been traveling for over 20 years using Tim’s strategy of traveling to cheap destinations. I wish I had his book when I first started to help me decide where to go and understand how much it will cost me. The World’s Cheapest Destinations will show you how much you need to travel to some of the most excotic destinations in the world and why you’d want to go there. This is your path to amazing memories!

– Caroline Makepeace, co-founder of

Leffel has long been a guru at balancing the practicalities of budget travel for people all tastes and backgrounds with a keen sense of judgment about the aesthetic value offered by the many and varied countries around the world. Unless money is no object, here is a book we would recommend to all travelers planning their next trips.

– Gregory Hubbs, Editor-in-Chief,

The World’s Cheapest Destinations is a must-read for anyone wanting to travel more without breaking the bank. Tim Leffel shares his extensive travel experience gathering data from around the world to help with planning budgets, choosing destinations, and saving money. When looking for solid information about a destination, we look to someone like Tim that has a proven track record and travel expertise.

Dave and Deb, founders of The Planet D


Whether you’re looking to take a year-long trip around the world, go on a sabbatical for a few months, or find the cheapest deals for last minute vacations, this book will help you find the best values around the world.

The World’s Cheapest Destinations is available through virtual or real bookstores or order direct from the author or publisher. Paperback $15.95, e-book or Kindle version $8.99. Get the book!


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