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Do you really want to spend your travel time stressing about money? Why not go to the cheapest vacation spots and destinations and live it up instead?

You could spend some bleary-eyed nights researching all this info on the web, or you could track down a few dozen travelers who have been around the world and interview them about the best international travel deals. Or you can spend less than half a tank of gas or petrol and buy this book: The World’s Cheapest Destinations.

Find out where to get a four-dollar massage while you lie on the beach drinking from a coconut, where to get a decent bottle of wine for two or three bucks, or where to get a nice beachfront room on a tropical island for under ten dollars. Order today and find out how to make your travel dollar go further. Then travel well with less money in the cheapest vacation destinations on each continent!

Get the travel bargains book that’s been written up in the Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, Newsweek, USA Today, National Geographic Adventure, Houston Chronicle, Fortune, Smart Money, Maxim, Women’s Health, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel,, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, the Guardian, and more!

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Prices tend to jump around like a yo-yo, but worthwhile if you can scoreĀ free shipping or are using a gift certificate. The World’s Cheapest Destinations is Available at Amazon and will soon be available at other retailers in paperback and e-book. Bookstores can also order it from Ingram. Be sure you are buying the 5th edition, copyright 2019, not an older one.

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Stores can order from Ingram, the largest book distributor. The full 13-digit ISBN number for the new edition is 978-1733382007. 10-digit is 1733382003.